when you should pay a rooferThe services of a roofing expert are not required by a homeowner on a frequent basis. Roof is an integral part of the structure of your house and the most important as it ensures safety of the house and loved ones form the elements and the burglars. It is only when your rood starts to leak, sag, or needs repair that you think about calling in a roofing expert. You can hire the services of the best roofing company in your city or try the roofing job on a DIY basis. Do you know when you should pay a roofer? This is a question that hardly goes through the mind of a homeowner as he doesn’t know the difference between paying up front and paying after the completion of the roofing job in his premises. Roofing is a complex job that involves the safety of your house and family members. It is like building a house where you release money in tranches after the completion of work up to a certain level. This article tells you about payment trends in the roofing industry so that you know when you should pay a roofer.

Better Business Bureau says that once you have finalized the company for the roofing work in your home, it is necessary to discuss with him the payment details. This is to avoid any disputes later after the completion of the work. There is no need to pay the full payment up front. Pay a small amount of money as advance deposit and then release money in tranches according to the stage of the job. You can also decide to pay the remaining amount in one go after the completion of the job. However, never make the mistake of paying the full amount before the start of the work under any circumstances.

Should I pay my contractor half up front?

If you go by the advice of experts, paying half up front to your roofing contractor can spell trouble for you in terms of delays and poor quality of work. However, paying half up front becomes necessary when the contractor cites the cost of the raw materials and the labour. In this case, it is better to give you proof of payments that he needs to make to set the ball rolling in your home. If his invoices are indeed high and close to half the amount of money that has been finalized, there is no harm in paying half the amount up front.

What are the top 5 payment scams of most roofers?

Customers who decide to pay the full amount up front have been duped by roofing experts in many ways. Here are the top 5 payment scams that have come to light in recent times. To lure their customers to pay the full amount up front, these roofers have used innovate methods that are as follows.

  • Roofer will demand payment in cash
    Roofing can be a costly proposition with roof repair and replacement costing anywhere between $7k and $30k. When you are paying so much for the safety of your house and loved ones, make sure you do not agree to pay your roofer in cash. It is hard to maintain a paper trail of money paid in cash. In fact, professional roofing companies insist on receiving payment only through check or debit card.
  • He will offer to do the job in incredibly low prices
    This is a red flag for you when you are making payment for the roofing work. To make you pay the entire amount up front, the roofer will quote a price that is too low to be true.
  • He says he has spotted damage and will fix it quickly
    Bad weather conditions are simply loved by some roofers. They will visit your home after a thunderstorm saying they have spotted damage to your rood that they can fix quickly. This has become a common payment scam in the roofing industry.
  • Door to door sales technique
    Some roofers try to scare homeowners, especially elderly ones by saying their roof has become damaged and needs instant repair. They will say they are ready to do the repair for very low prices.
  • Stopping supplies until you have made the payment
    Many unscrupulous roofers stop roofing work by stopping supplies and demand payment to start the work again. This is a blackmailing tactic employed by some roofers to extract money from their customers.


How much should I pay a roofer per square?

Square is a term that is used to refer to nearly 100 sq ft of roof. The average cost of roofing work for asphalt type roofs comes to around $80-$100. Depending upon the number of squares, you can pay money according to the area of your roof but make sure that you pay this money through check only.

What do roofers charge hourly?

Roofers charge hourly rates for their services. These rates vary from one state to another. You can check out the rates prevalent in your area by searching on Google to pay the advance deposit to your roofing expert accordingly. The hourly rate of a roofer also depends upon his expertise and experience. There are roofers charging $20 per hour but there are also roofers charging nearly $60 per hour plus labor costs.

How much should I pay a contractor up front?

Once you have finalized the roofing contractor, it is time to discuss with the payment details. If he is a professional, he will ask for an advance deposit and that too through check only. In general, you should not pay more than 1/3rd of the total cost of roofing work in your home as advance deposit.

When is the timing of payments when getting roofing done?

It is a good idea to discuss payment details before the start of roofing work in your home. If you are paying an advance deposit, make sure that you pay next installment only after the completion of the work up to a predefined level of work. Check the completed work and release the installment only if you are satisfied with the quality of work. Include a payment schedule as a clause in the contract your sign with the roofing contractor so that there is no dispute after he has started roofing work in your home.

What is the best way to pay the roofers?

The best payment method for roofers is through a check that goes straight in their bank account. You can always prove that you have made a payment unlike cash where the roofer can easily deny payment.

It is prudent to discuss payment details with your roofer to avoid scams later on. AGR Roofing and Construction is a leading and very popular roofing company that is transparent in its payment acceptance. Call at 402-639-1218 or write an email to us at info@agrroofingandconstruction.com to know how we can help you in the roofing work in your home in very affordable prices.