top rated roofers in omahaWhether you seek top rated roofers in Omaha for a roof replacement project or a new roof construction, it is important to look for fully certified and experienced professionals. Needless to say, the roof serves as one of the foundational structure of your house or property, and if the roofing contractor fails to do an excellent job, it can lead to unprecedented structural damages, and thousands of dollars’ worth of unnecessary expenses.

If you’re searching for the top rate roofers in Omaha, you may have come across a wide range of candidates and potential firms. However, none of them can compete against the striking professional experience and credible competence of AGR roofing and construction, Omaha’s most trusted firm.

In this article, we will walk you through the qualities and credentials you need to look for in the top rated roofing companies in Omaha so you can make a well-informed and pragmatic decision.

Ever since its inception in 2004, AGR Roofing and Construction has established a dynamic image of credibility and professionalism, fuelled with a strong community presence and an extensive experience. During the 15 years of their rich history, AGR Roofing and Construction has succeeded in setting itself apart in the industry with an experience that is rich and diverse, allowing the firm to expand into regions surrounding Omaha, including Lincoln.

Pyramid Roofing is another highly competent and credible firm, known for their residential and commercial roofing services in greater Omaha, and its surrounding areas. They specialize in roof replacements, renovations, cedar shakes, and all kinds of residential and commercial projects. Pyramid Roofing has an excellent track record of handling diverse nature of projects, and their clients speak highly of their services.

Grandel’s Construction & Roofing, Inc., another top rated roofer, is a family-owned business known for its customer-friendly services and ethical values. They are creative geniuses when it comes to unconventional roofing designs and quality product selection. Their prices are highly competitive, and you can call now to book a free estimate.

What are the qualities of a best roof contractor?

In order to make sure you choose one of the best, top rated roofers in Omaha, it is important to identify the qualities you need to seek from a team of roofing professionals.

  • First and foremost, you need to look for a firm that is properly licensed as a roofing contractor business to ensure legitimacy. You can easily verify their credentials by ringing up the Construction Industries Board or relevant licensing authorities of your state.
  • It is also important to seek out roofing contractors with optimal insurance coverage to avoid making a risk, and be sure to check if they also have a liability insurance, to make up for property damage caused by an accident.
  • It is important that you look for top rated roofers in Omaha because locally based roofing contractors will provide the added convenience of attending to all your emergency and last-minute repair needs. You can also ask around the community to validate their credentials and gain reviews of the experience.
  • Last but certainly not the least, it is important to hire a roofing contractor who provides written quotes as opposed to verbal prices that offer no guarantees. A reputable, top rated roofing contractor will exhibit professionalism and transparency with written quotes.

Why these roofers are top-rated?

  • AGR Roofing and Construction delivers a high-end roofing experience that is devoid of complications and stress, ensuring greater transparency that allows the client to remain in control.
  • Their services are marked with family-oriented ethical values, which revolve around valuing the time, money and other resources of their clients.
  • AGR Roofing and Construction is known for its diligence and commitment of finishing up the job in the agreed upon time frame. They are famous for effectively meeting deadlines, and assisting clients in reducing their budgets without diminishing the quality.
  • A team of highly skilled and passionate professionals who are dedicated to impressing their clients with a job well done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a roofing contractor do?

A roofing contractor is a licensed professional who designs and erects a roof from scratch, and can also be hired to provide roof repairs, renovations and more.

What are the things to consider before hiring a roofing contractor to replace my roof?

Before you hire a roofing contractor, it is important to conduct your research diligently, and gain reviews from community members. Be sure to choose a properly licensed roofing contractor who provides written quotes, and has a strong community presence.

How do I find the best roofer in Omaha?

There are multiple resources, online and offline, to help you conduct your research for the top rated roofers in Omaha. You can also rely on our lists to help you identify the best match for your roofing job.

Can I trust the top-rated roofers on these lists?

Indeed, the choices presented to you in these lists rank amongst the top 10 roofing companies in Omaha. These recommendations are solely based on user reviews, word of mouth and extensive market research.

What are the benefits of hiring a top-ranked roofer?

Needless to say, a job well done will help you reduce your expenses in the long-run by evading the constant need to repair a leaky roof, or order another roof replacement in the long-run. Transparency is another added advantage of working with a top-ranked roofer as they always disclose upfront costs in a written format.

Lastly, hiring a properly licensed roofing contractor with insurance coverage will help you evade risks and liabilities in case of accidents causing property damage or harm to the workers.

It is important to look for a properly licensed, efficiently insured and experienced roofing contractor, and we’ve listed some of the best rated roofers in Omaha above. We strongly recommend you to hire the services of AGR Roofing and Construction, as they are most certainly the top ranked roofers in Omaha, known for unparalleled quality and competitive rates. Call at 402-639-1218 or write an email to us at to know how we can help you in your roofing work through our quality, experience, and affordable prices.