Roofing Companies in OmahaYour home is not just your most valuable investment but also an abode for your family. The safety and security of your home and family members depends a lot of the condition of the roof of your home. Whether it is time to repair your roof or replace it with a new one, you need to hire services of a reliable and experienced roofing company in Omaha NE. This is both because roofing work is expensive, and it requires lot of expertise on the part of the roofer. No doubt, you are mentally prepared to write a check for the roofing company, but you need to confirm that that the company has a proven track record and it has the capability to carry out roofing at your place in a satisfactory manner. There are many roofing companies in Omaha. Here is a guide on how to hire the best roofing company for your job.

What is the best way to find a reliable roofer?

Don’t let choosing a roofing contractor in Omaha be an ordeal for you. As it is you are worried about a leaking or sagging roof and you have also somehow arranged the money to get your roof fixed. Now you are finding yourself in a dilemma as to which roofing company in Omaha to award the contract for fixing your roof. Do not worry as you will find it easy to choose the best roofer in Omaha after reading this article. Ask shortlisted roofing companies these questions and you will know which of them is best suited for the job.

5 Questions you should ask your Omaha Roofing Company before hiring them

If the contractor is licensed to work in Nebraska, he will understand the codes and other legal requirements. If the company is licensed, you can rest assured that it will comply with the coding requirements of your state. Also, you can complain with the authorities if there are any issues with craftsmanship if the company is licensed.

This is another important question to ask a roofing company. You do not want to deal with legal and financial issues if any worker of the company is injured while working in your home. If the company offers workman’s comp insurance, you can have peace of mind in this regard.

Many roofing companies give the work of roofing to subcontractors after bagging the contract from their customers. Make sure that these subcontractors offer workman’s comp insurance and general liability insurance if you do not want to face any compensation claims later on.

A lot of debris is produced during replacement of old roof with a new one. You will be surprised to see a mountain of refuse consisting of shingles, plywood, nails, and other kinds of trash. Make sure that the roofing company you are hiring brings in a container to handle all this refuse.

New roof made of shingles lasts for a long time. However, you should get a warranty in writing to make sure that you can get free service in case there is an issue in future.

Should I bring a roofing company to a home inspection?

Yes, there is no other way you can get an estimate from the roofing company until they have checked your roof and its condition. You can request a visit from several companies and go with the company that you feel will do the best job in lowest prices.

Will my insurance cover a new roof in case of a storm?

Usually insurance companies deny coverage for a leaking roof it has been replaced because of the cost involved in such repairs. It is prudent to consult your insurance company before undertaking roof replacement job.

Carrying out roof repair or replacing the old roof with a new one is a long and tiring exercise. You need a reliable and experienced roofing company to do the job in a satisfactory manner. AGR Roofing and Construction is the leading roofing company in Omaha providing both residential as well as commercial roofing to its customers in and around Omaha. Call 402-639-1218 or write an email to us at to know how we can help you with your roofing problem in the most satisfactory manner at reasonable prices.