residential roof constructionWhen you are constructing a home, you think about the rooms and the amenities you would have inside the home. You are mostly unconcerned about the type of roof you need to construct whereas it is the most important structural element of your house. You will find homes with different types of roofs in your neighborhood. The shape of roof you decide for your home dictates the architecture of the home. Roof type also dictates the amount of money and labor that is required for its construction. Shed, flat, and gable roofs prove easy to build and they are also affordable. Before moving ahead, it makes sense to learn a little about residential roof construction.

What is residential roof construction?

Residential roof construction refers to construction of roofing in homes and garages. It is usually a covering for the structure of the building designed to bear the brunt of the elements so that the interiors and the people living inside the home remain safe and protected. Residential roofs are designed with a steep slope to easily drain all the water and snow through the gutters. The roof of a home can be constructed using a variety of roofing materials. It can be given any shape to fulfill the requirements of the structure of the home. In most cases, the roof of a home depends upon the climate of the area, availability of roofing materials in the area, and the budget and liking of the homeowner.

Roof Framing Basics

Roof framing is a process that starts after the construction of the walls. It is nominal lumber that is used to carry out roof framing. Because of all the angles involved, roof framing is considered the most complicated type of carpentry. However, the thing to remember is that even the most complex roofs have the same standard set of designs underneath. The main objective of a roof is to keep the interiors and the people living in the home protected from snow, rain, and strong heat of the sun. Therefore, it should be strong enough to withstand the force and pressure of the elements. All parts of the roof must always be tightly secured together under all conditions. The most basic roof styles seen in homes across the country are shed, flat, gable, and hip. Of course, there are variations to these basic designs like Gambrel roof, the Dutch hip roof, and the Mansard roof. Important parts of any roof are joists, rafters, collar ties, and a ridge board.

Design and Materials

As described above, you can choose any design for the construction of your roof according to your liking and budget. The most common and popular roof styles across the country are gambrel, shed, and hip. Materials that are commonly used for the construction of a roof are wood shingles, asphalt roofs, clay, cement, and slate, metal roofs, glass, and plastic. Today, most homeowners make use of prefabricated trusses, decking material such as fiberglass or plywood, and tar paper as an ice barrier in places with cold climatic conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are parts of a house roof called?

There are many parts of a roof serving different purposes.

  • Eaves – The lowest horizontal edge of the roof is called Eaves.
  • Verge – Roof edge that runs from eaves to ridge
  • Gable – Upper part of a side wall that comes to a point at the ridge of a sloping roof
  • Rafters – These are pieces of wood that rise form eaves to the ridge apex at the top. They help in providing support to the roof covering.
  • Ridge – It is the highest point of a roof that receives head of the spars.

What supports the roof of a house?

The frame of the roof receives support from the trusses. These are prefabricated wooden structures that hold the frame together. Assembly of trusses is done in a triangular shape to bear the weight of the roof uniformly and for a very long time to come.

What are the different kinds of roofs?

You will find many kinds of roofs in a neighborhood depending upon the climate of the area and the liking of the owner. The most common types of roofs found in the country are gable, shed, hip, and flat. Some owners opt for Mansard, skillion, or a butterfly type of roof. The type of roof chosen for a home should be robust and should protect the structure and the people living inside for a long time to come.

What is the wood around the roof called?

All the wood visible around the roof is called eaves. This is the roof edge that extends past the exterior wall line at the bottom of the slope. Another part of the roof made of wood is trusses. It is these trusses that bear the weight of the roofing structure for a long time. These trusses are made of high-quality wood to protect the integrity of the roofing frame.

What goes under shingles on roof?

The foundation of the roof system is called decking that is attached to the rafters with the help of nails. The underlayment of decking is done before the installation of asphalt shingles. The material used for this purpose is usually tar paper that prevents leakage by making a waterproof membrane.

Being a homeowner, it is your responsibility to learn about different types of roofs to decide which one would be best suited for your home. You can talk to your roofing contractor to learn about the features and pricing of these roof types. If you have a budget in mind, it is important to discuss it with the contractor. AGR Roofing & Construction is the leading roofing company in Omaha. It has built and repaired high quality roofs of its customers. Call 402-639-1218 to get an instant, no obligation quote from our representative for the job in your premises. You can trust AGR to install or repair the roof in the most satisfactory manner in very affordable prices. You can also fill up the contact us form and send your message to the company through email.