roofer without insuranceWe all dread dealing with a leaking roof, or even a roof renovation after extensive water damage. This is an expensive challenge that homeowners and landlords are often not prepared for, and it can get even more challenging if you do not have a flexible budget to deal with it. Commercial and residential roofers tend to charge exuberantly high rates, and this often compels some homeowners to hire a roofer without insurance.

An uninsured roofer may charge you thousands of dollars less, but in case of accident that causes property damage, or worse, physical damage to one of the workers, it can lead to a great many financial and emotional losses.

In this article, we will walk you through a brief and comprehensive ‘Hiring a roofing contractor checklist’ to help make a well-informed decision.

Indeed you can, but bear in mind that in Nebraska, and majority of the other US states, hiring an uninsured contractor or roofing holds you responsible for any possible injury or property damage that might result due an accident during the construction/renovation process. If the roofer or his/her equipment damages a power line, you will have to bear the expenses. Similarly, if the roofer suffers an accident, you will also be liable for covering the medical payments and lost wages.

What are the risks of hiring a roofing contractor that is not insured?

An uninsured roofing contractor does not have a license, which basically means that this individual is not a credible professional. There are many risks of hiring an uninsured and unlicensed roofer because of the potential financial damage, and the constant risk of incurring property damages or any injuries that might cause your expenses to increase uncontrollably. Even if there are no such damages, an unlicensed professional cannot be expected to efficiently repair or renovate your roof, one of the structural foundations of any building.

What are the things to ask before hiring a roofer?

Here are some of the questions to ask when hiring a roofing company:

  • Do you have an insurance and license?
  • How many years have you been working in the roofing and construction industry? (It is important to hire a contractor with at least five years of experience.)
  • Can you provide any references of clients that you have worked with in the past? Perhaps, someone willing to let you visit and see the roofing repair or renovation quality yourself?
  • How long will you take to complete the entire job? More importantly, will you be able to complete it within the preferred schedule?
  • Can you provide upfront costs with written rates as opposed to verbal rates or hastily penned down price lists?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a roofing contractor do?

A roofing contractor is a licensed professional who designs and erects a roof from scratch, and can also be hired to provide roof repairs, renovations and more.

What are the things to consider before hiring a roofing contractor to replace my roof?

Before you hire a roofing contractor, it is important to conduct your research diligently, and gain reviews from community members. Be sure to choose a properly licensed roofing contractor who provides written quotes, and has a strong community presence.

How do I find the best roofer in Omaha?

There are multiple resources, online and offline, to help you conduct your research for the top rated roofers in Omaha. You can also rely on our lists to help you identify the best match for your roofing job.

Can I trust the top-rated roofers on these lists?

Indeed, the choices presented to you in these lists rank amongst the top 10 roofing companies in Omaha. These recommendations are solely based on user reviews, word of mouth and extensive market research.

What are the benefits of hiring a top-ranked roofer?

Needless to say, a job well done will help you reduce your expenses in the long-run by evading the constant need to repair a leaky roof, or order another roof replacement in the long-run. Transparency is another added advantage of working with a top-ranked roofer as they always disclose upfront costs in a written format.

Lastly, hiring a properly licensed roofing contractor with insurance coverage will help you evade risks and liabilities in case of accidents causing property damage or harm to the workers.

The risks of working with unlicensed contractor are simply not worth considering, regardless of how less an insured roofer is willing to charge. Working with an uninsured roofer, who will naturally also be unlicensed, puts you at risk for grave financial losses in case of any possible property damage, or accidents causing physical injuries.

In case of any accidents, which could be entirely the fault of the roofer, which lead to property damages or physical harm to the roofer or workers, you will be liable to pay the financial damages, medical bills and compensation for loss of wages.

Therefore, it is important to prepare a checklist, and a set of interview questions for roofers, to ensure that you make the right decision with a fully insured and properly licensed professional. At the end of the day, you will be grateful for not ending up paying thousands of dollars.

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