hail damage roof repairAs a homeowner, you always want your home safe and secure. The roof of your home plays an important role in protecting your loved ones from the fury of elements. One natural event that has the capacity to damage the roof of your home is hail. You cannot do anything to stop hailstorms, but you can certainly take corrective action to repair the roof damaged by hail. The damage to your roof can be severe if the hail is the size of golf balls. Hail damage roof repair is not only desirable but also essential for the safety of your loved ones.

What is hail damage roof repair?

Among the elements that can cause damage to your roof, it is the hail that is credited with maximum damage. As a homeowner, it is important to visit your roof to see how much damage a hailstorm has caused. Large hail balls drop with great force on your roof, damaging the gutters. If you spot dents or cracks in the gutters, it is prudent to call in experts to carry out hail damage roof repair. Another common type of roof damage caused by hail is seen in the shingles. The force of haul balls striking the shingles can make the granules of the shingles to become loose or fall off. In some instances, the hailstorm is so strong that it can break the shingles on the roof. If your roof has become old, it becomes susceptible to severe damage from hail. At times, signs of damage may not be visible to you. Closely inspect the gutters and you will find the signs of damage to the shingles.

How to Handle Roof Damage from Hailstorms?

Once a hailstorm strikes your area, it is important to check the damage caused by hail to your roof. The extent of damage decides the kind of hail damage roof repair you require. If you think it is not possible for you to inspect the roof and spot the signs of damage, it is prudent to call in roof repair experts to climb up on your roof and carry out an inspection. In any case, it can be a risky proposition to climb on your roof when it is still wet and slippery if you have no idea what you are looking for. Once the expert has carried out his inspection and given you quote for the hail damage roof repair, you can get quotes from several other roof repair companies in your area. Do not linger on as hail damage can be severe to give you a saggy, deteriorated roof that can also start to leak later. Get your roof repaired in time to brace up for the next hailstorm as and when it strikes your area.

Hail damage roof inspection

Stopping a hailstorm is not in your hands. But you can certainly make sure that roof damage caused by hail is kept to a minimum by visiting your roof and taking a close look at its condition. Before climbing up on your roof, make sure you are wearing soft sole shoes so that you do not slip on the wet roof and slippery hail. Once you are on the roof, look for signs of hail damage. Torn or missing shingles is one sure sign of hail damage. Take binoculars with you if you want to check signs of damage closely. If you wish to make an insurance claim, do not forget to take pictures of the hail stones. Place them alongside a known object like a golf ball to prove that the damage was indeed caused by hail. Never believe that your roof is all right after a hailstorm just because there is no leakage from the roof. Call in an expert to attend to hail damage roof repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hail damage expensive to repair?

Hail damage can be severe if the size of hail balls is too large and when the age of the roof is 10 years or higher. On an average cost of hail damage roof repair can turn out to be in between $400 and $800 per 100 sq ft of the roof depending upon the extent of damage, age of the roof, severity of hailstorm, and difficulty in accessing the roof. Roof repair cost also depends upon the quality of materials being used by the contractor.

Is hail damage to roof covered by insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not pay for damage to roof caused by normal wear and tear. They however pay for accidental damage caused by hail though it is not enough to cover the expenses of roof repair. Be prepared to pay a lot of money out of your own pocket even after your insurance policy pays money for roof repair after a hailstorm.

How can you tell if your roof has hail damage?

Hailstorm causes damage to your roof that you need to find out to get it repaired. There are telltale signs of haul damage that you can pick up if you climb up on your roof. Lock at the missing or torn shingles that clearly prove that your roof has been damaged by the hail. You can also spot fail damage by looking at the gutters.

Can 1-inch hail cause damage to a roof?

Hail of the size of 1-inch causes damage to your roof but it is difficult to spot such damage. It is when the hail size is 2 inches; the damage to your roof is significant.

What happens if you don’t fix hail damage?

Hail damage roof repair is not only desirable but also essential to stop deterioration of your roof. If not fixed immediately, this damage can aggravate, and your roof may start to leak.

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