free roofing estimates in OmahaMost homeowners rarely think about the roof. It only comes into picture whenever there is a leakage, or any other kind of damage caused by exposure to elements or passage of time. However, this does not undermine the importance of a roof for homeowners. As a homeowner in Omaha you know that it is your roof that keeps your home safe from the rains, heat of the sun, winds, and snowfall. If there is any issue in the roof bothering you, you have the option of free roofing estimates in Omaha. Are these free roofing estimates free or there is some catch in these claims made by roofing companies?

Free roofing estimates in Omaha is nothing but a publicity gimmick used by roofing companies to start a conversation with potential clients. They see this as an opportunity to interact with the customer and convince him about their capabilities to complete the hob in his home in the best possible manner. All roofing companies are basically competing and free estimates is a ploy to generate more business. They quote a low price in the hope that they will be awarded the contract by the customer.

Do the free estimates that roofing companies offer are free for real?

It is interesting to know that what appears as free does not really turn out to be free in the end. Basically, an estimate is just what it says and nothing more than that. Roofing experts make use of labor that costs heavily, and they also spend money on raw materials that are used for repair or replacement of a roof. Homeowners get at least three free estimates before awarding the contract to a roofing expert. Companies that do not get the contract add the cost of this free estimate into their next free estimate offer.

What are the things you need to consider before dealing with roofing contractors that offer free estimates?

You must remember that anything of value costs money and the same is the case with free estimates. Here are important things to keep in mind when dealing with roofing contractors that offer free estimates.

  • Estimate should have a breakdown of cost, time frame, labor cost, material cost etc to have knowledge of costs of roofing.
  • Is the company offering free inspection with a free estimate?
  • Is the company licensed and insured for roofing work?
  • How long and varied is the experience of roofing company in Omaha?


Do I need roofing estimates or inspection?

Most homeowners are not sure whether they need a free estimate or an inspection because they do not know the extent of damage to their roof. You can ask for an estimate if you are sure of replacement because of damage. However, if the damage is small and it can be repaired, it is better to ask for an inspection.

Do roofers often give free estimates?

In this age of fierce competition, every roofing expert in Omaha is giving away free estimates to his clients. This is because they do not wish to lag their competitors in Omaha. This is an additional business that they can generate form internet.

How do I estimate the cost of a new roof?

The cost of a roof depends upon its size and the materials that are used for making it. For asphalt shingles, the average cost of a roof comes to about $3.19-$4.43 per sq ft. The cost is much higher ($7-$10) if you choose metal or wood for your roof.

How to know if you’re paying too much for a new roof?

You can know if you are paying too much for a new roof when you arrive at the average cost per sq ft by dividing the total cost with the area of your roof.

What are the roofing companies that offer free estimates in Omaha?

In present times when every roofing company has an online presence, it is not surprising to note that all of them are offering free roofing estimates to their customers.

Roofing is a time consuming and expensive exercise. Therefore, every homeowner seeks free roofing estimates from various experts before finalizing the company. AGR Roofing and Construction is a very popular roofing specialist in Omaha. Call 402-639-1218 or write an email to us at to book an inspection for your roof. You can get a free, no obligations roofing estimate on the website of